Across Kiloparsecs

Across Kiloparsecs capsule art

A short science-fiction visual novel where you investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a close friend.

The accidental death of a good friend has left you stunned.

As you begin to come to terms with this new reality, you find hints that maybe it wasn't an accident after all.

Discover what really happened on your home station in this short science-fiction visual novel. Someone is hiding something, and it's up to you to find out what. Was it just an accident, or a murder? Powerful forces could be at work and you might be endangering not only your life, but the lives of your closest friends.

Experience branching storytelling where your choices have consequences in this visually-rich tale featuring a full cast of characters.

This game has a soundtrack of space-themed ambient music composed by Bloodless Mushroom.

This is a prologue to the upcoming tactical space strategy game "Kiloparsec Uprising".

Kiloparsec Uprising

Across Kiloparsecs screenshot

Wishlist Across Kiloparsecs on Steam

Released March 4, 2024

Operating system support: Windows, Linux

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