Kiloparsec Uprising

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Kiloparsec Uprising is a hex-based tactical spaceship combat strategy game with RPG elements. Fight against the Empire's ships to overthrow the genocidal government and secure peace and justice in the galaxy.

Kiloparsec Uprising is a strategy game with tactical spaceship combat on a hex grid.

A band of rebels operating from a secret base will need to use all of their skills and strategy to overthrow the imperial council and stop the genocide of the Rhani, a peaceful and resource-rich alien race.

Start by writing your constitution and defining how you want to govern your worlds and then help Darius, Lana, Abeni, and Pablo build the skills and gather the resources necessary to stop the empire and find justice for Lana's husband, who was killed in a government conspiracy to cover up heinous war crimes. Customize their combat squadrons to maximize their effectiveness against a larger and better-equipped enemy.

There is a visual novel prologue to this game called Across Kiloparsecs. You do not need to experience it in order to enjoy this game fully, but it is a good way to learn more of the characters' history.

Across Kiloparsecs

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Coming 2025

Operating system support: Windows, Linux

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