Into The Inferno

Into The Inferno capsule art

A retro-style first-person dungeon crawler RPG where you rescue kidnapped children from an underground demon horde.

Into The Inferno is a retro-style first-person dungeon crawler RPG with turn-based combat.

Six years ago, a mine near your town exploded, killing eleven brave miners whose bodies were never recovered. The mine has been burning ever since, and demons have been spotted in the area.

A neighbor witnessed children from your town being kidnapped by demons, and it's up to you to delve into the mines and rescue them, if it's not already too late.

Lead a party of four adventurers through the wilderness, a hostile Orc village, a town of violent Gnolls, and many levels of winding caverns and burning brimstone tunnels. Gather experience and equipment to improve your chances of defeating the demon horde to rescue the children and return them home where they belong. Help recover the remains of the lost miners to give their families closure, and eliminate the demon threat once and for all.

If you like this game, please check out the sequel, Crossing The Sands, which released in 2024.

Crossing The Sands

Navigating The Labyrinth

Into The Inferno screenshot

Combat with some tough monsters.

Into The Inferno screenshot

The character sheeet.

Into The Inferno screenshot

One of the wilderness zones.

Into The Inferno screenshot

One of the inferno zones.

Into The Inferno screenshot

The home city.

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Released Oct. 17, 2023

Operating system support: Windows, Linux

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